Champey Restaurant is located in the heart of Siem Reap overlooking the famous Old Market in town. One one side, our restaurant overlooks the market and at the other end we open up onto the Pub Street Lane. We’re one of the oldest running restaurants in Siem Reap and we’ve been for more than a decade. We made our name by serving high-quality Khmer food fit for a king. One of our previous chefs uses recipes from the royal chef and we’ve taken these royal recipes and we serve them to the world. We are also proud of our Cambodian heritage. As Cambodian is a developing country, things are changing quickly. However, we don’t always like change. We saved our historical building from being knocked down. The building is now a World Heritage site and will be preserved forever. We are perfectly located to watch the world pass by and see the daily life of the locals and tourists who come to visit this very historic part of the town.


Champey Restaurant



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