The original purity of Eau Kulen is naturally preserved from outside pollution. Coming from an underground origin which is captured at a depth of more than 100 meters, Eau Kulen draws its source from a recognized and protected site with a low density of population and agricultural activity. The mineralization of Eau Kulen is assured by a slow filtration of rainwater through several hundred meters of sandstone
      Eau Kulen takes its name from the mountain which lies at 496 meters above sea level, located to the immediate north-east of the Angkor archaeological site in Cambodia. It is the site chosen by King Jayavarman II at the beginning of the 9th century to install one of the first royal capitals of the Khmer Empire. The Kulen Mountains, “lychee mountains”, are home to many treasures including basins, reservoirs, and a collection of burial temples with lush vegetation. The famous waterfalls of the site, its monumental Buddha carved from the rock at the top of the Kulen Mountains, as well as the sculpted rivers of Kbal Spean and the 1000 lingas dedicated to the god Shiva, complete this idyllic landscape.


Eau Kulen Mineral Water



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