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About Us: Welcome to OneClick Solution, the fastest growing and the best SMEs solution when it comes to the satisfaction
ratio of clients and employees alike. OneClick Solution is based in Siem Reap and is now the leading provider of
technology services and solutions for all Cambodian SMEs and most importantly we have a local Khmer Support Team who are
always available to offer advice and back up for our clients. A lot of organizations and companies are hampered in their
otherwise unyielding sprint towards progress because of the lack of staff, or resources, or expertise, or
cost-effectiveness. Outsourcing is the undisputed solution to such problems. Outsourcing BPO services or simply
Outsourcing is the process wherein the entire business functions, which an organization is either not capable of doing or it
is not willing to do, are assigned to a third party who is an expert in that particular field.

The Business services offered by OneClick Solution Outsourcing are not only flawless but also perfect. An exceptional unification of quality,
cost-efficiency, technology, and timely completion of the project are what OneClick Solution Outsourcing has to offer.
While most of the other BPO companies brag about themselves, we let our clients speak instead. We are honored to be one
of the best BPO Companies that have a very high customer satisfaction ratio. Just go to Client List so have an enormous
list of our prized customers and see what they have to say about our services.

We have our own application development team who during this year has created a unique online management system for RESTAURANT and MORE to improve their
operations and profitability. This exciting new technology solution will be launched in the mid of 2020 increasing the
growth and reputation of OneClick Solution as the leader in creating innovative solutions for the small/medium

And, if a particular solution does not exist, we will build it Vision: creating innovative solutions that
reach customer satisfaction.


To be one of the well-known technology solution company that fulfills the clients’


creating innovative solutions that reach customer satisfaction.

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Wat Bo Village, Sala Koem Rerk Commune, Siem Reap , Cambodia


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